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Welcome to Sizzler Editions!

We are currently revamping our website. Until we’ve completed our update, you can find and purchase our books at major book sites such as Amazon.

About Us

Sizzler Editions is one of the leading publishers of ebook erotica on the internet. We issued our first ebooks in 1998, and since that time have published over 2,000 books. We pride ourselves on presenting the finest in erotica for every kind of sexual interest and orientation.

Our imprints include Intoxication (Erotic Romance), Submission (Bondage and BDSM), Attraction (LGBTQ Erotica), Scorcher (Hot & Hetero), Hot Flash (Short & Collections), Encounter (SciFi and Fantasy), Sexperience (Nonfiction), HerSelf (Women’s Erotica), Vintage (Erotic Classics), Bounty (Bargain Omnibuses), and Thrill (Mystery & Adventure).

Sizzler Editions was founded by the late David O. Dyer, Sr., to whom all the company’s subsequent efforts are gratefully dedicated.

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