A GOOD NIGHT’S WHIPPING: The Erotic Classic by Anonymous


An ocean voyage becomes an initiation into violent and perverted sex for one young woman. Exposed to forced sex, bondage and lesbianism, she discovers there is pleasure as well as pain during her amorous encounters. From the text: "'Some woman!' I murmured thoughtfully. 'You know, I had an experience with Gordon Williams yesterday that was the direct opposite. God, he's fierce with the rod! It seems that Lois Gibson is somewhat of a displaced person in a lesbian role, when only a few cabins away from hers there is a man... Darling, it occurs to me that we might be able to do her a big favor and at the same time, save myself a few smarting behinds during this trip. Supposing we could bring the pair of them together. Does she drink?'"

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About the Author

While this story is written as fiction, it is a true story; the author's life experiences, fears, and finally peace, provided the background. The characters' names have been changed to protect their anonymity. The author is Anonymous because they seek no credit for the discoveries made herein.

Categories Vintage , Submission , Liberation - Erotic Classics, Historical Fiction & Memoir 1920s-1980s , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
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