A LOVE DRIVE-BY And Other Stories of Ambition, Hunger & Desire by Susan St. Aubin


The stories in A Love Drive-By represent twelve ways of looking at sex and love. All our lives our physical bodies define us. How we appear to others and ourselves, what we feel, our ambitions, hungers, and desires, sexual and otherwise, all comprise what we think of as our identity. And the mind, residing in the physical brain, exists at the mercy of the body while at the same time being able to transcend it. These stories will take you from youthful lust to the erotic yearning of old age; from the dominance of the physical to the mind's realization that, in fact, it has always been about love, much as the body would like to deny that possibility.

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About the Author

Susan St. Aubin is a remarkable author of erotica whose work has been selected for Best American Erotica, Best Women's Erotica, and Best Lesbian Erotica.

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