AFTER ALL THIS TIME: A Romance of Love Reignited by Christina Rhys


Lies Kept Them Apart! Love Brought Them Together!

An unexpected flash of sexual chemistry stamped Livy and Nicky's first meeting forever in their minds. The kiss that soon followed claimed their hearts. Livy was only twenty and he was twenty-nine. But due to the scheming interference of others, their romance was ended before it could truly begin. Each made a new life without the other. It seemed as if Fate has separated them forever.

But now Livy is forty-five and Nicky is fifty-four. They've lived separate lives for so long now -- and yet, neither can stop thinking of the other and wondering, still inexplicably unable to let go of their desire for one another. When fate brings them together again after more than two decades, will the sexual chemistry still be there? Or will they both have changed so much that the desire of their youth will have vanished?

Each has built a successful life in opposite parts of the country. To be together, one of them will have to give up all that has been accomplished while they were parted. Livy does not want to do all of the yielding and Nicky seems determined to do none. Will they finally find the key to compromise and the romance they have both been longing for after all this time?

"At once touching and evocative [...] After All This Time also proves being past 50 doesn't mean we’re sexually past our prime. Ms. Rhys has a good read here and I’d be interested in seeing what else she has to offer."  --P. Grant, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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About the Author

Christina Rhys currently resides in Kentucky. All of her work involves characters who are past the age of forty-five.

"I hope that you will enjoy not only the erotic portions of my work," says Christina, "but more importantly that you will also share the joy of mature men and women discovering that love and passion are available to all regardless of age."

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