ALL COMERS: A Smorgasbord of Kink by Rod Harden


A Unique Anthology of Short Erotic Stories - Each Designed to Weave a Powerful Erotic Spell Over the Reader!

Rod Harden brings to life the guilty pleasures that dwell with the dark recesses of the human psyche: journey with him as he takes you away into a world of pleasure and pain, of domination and submission, treading always the fine line between darkness and light.

It includes: "All Comers" - a tale of a fantasy fulfilled. Longing to be the object of a gangbang, a loving wife gets her wish. "Primal Rites" - before she can wed the chief's son, she must first prove she is worthy of his lust and can satisfy him sexually. "A Pocketful of Diamonds" - setting out to double cross a crime boss, he meets a dame worth risking everything for. "Taking It To The Streets" - a man finds himself intrigued by a woman he passes on the streets. Following her, he finds himself a willing voyeur to her masturbating for her master's pleasure. "Taste Test" - teased by her married neighbor into a blindfolded taste test, Linda tries out a bit more than pop. "Toccata" - when Tina finds out the pleasurable pain that awaits her naughtiness, she vows to need to be punished again, and again, and again. "Gift Wrapped" - knowing her husband's desire for kink and bondage, a woman wraps herself up, offering him the perfect Christmas gift. "Pigtails and Tight Black Jeans" - a middle-aged man enjoys the willingness of a young slut that literally falls into his lap in a bar. "Shibari Air" - tied up and hanging from the ceiling in a harness, she flies with passion into an orgasm under Adam's careful piloting ... and more!

All Comers is the kind of book you read when you are all alone, convinced you will only take a peek, but soon finding yourself desiring more, hooked on the need of the characters, awakened to your own inner demons.

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