Sara knows she's a sexual creature, and she can't help undressing men her head, but shyness has always cramped her style. When her new best friend invites her to dinner with three male friends, she soon discovers that she's not alone in her desires.

As she loses her inhibitions, she finds herself confronting both her dawning bisexuality and her own exhibitionist nature -- but that's just the beginning of her voyage of sexual self-discovery. Before long she's lost count of the taboos she's broken. This is her confession, the shockingly explicit and startlingly honest account of one evening of sexual excess. After all, there's a first time for everything and you never know how far you'll go until somebody special takes you there.

This brand new title from our resident master of powerful erotica perfectly captures the power - and allure - of a truly great erotic story: wonderful characters, a brilliant storyline and (best of all) sex scenes that really sizzle!

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About the Author

Scylla, a writer of offbeat erotica, has a number of bestselling story collections and novels, including Love Bombs and Short Tales of Exhibitionism, published by Sizzler Editions. He lives in the United Kingdom. If you haven't yet sampled Scylla's intriguing brand of erotica, now is your chance!

Categories Scorcher , Attraction - Bisexual , Attraction
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