AMBER EYES by D. F. Roberts


From the author of The Butterfly Effect comes a mind-tingling tale of sensuous delight that will keep you guessing the outcome to the final chapter!

When Xhur, a Terkilin whose alien race is dying, travels to earth to perpetuate his species by impregnating ten human females, he doesn’t realize he has also created a future scenario for a struggle between sibling factions – a good vs. evil, life and death battle. The children – half-human, half-Terkilin – exhibit empathy, telepathy, enhanced senses and superhuman strength, all typical Terkilin abilities. Each child sees the world through amber eyes.

Dillon Ladd and Keelan Phillips team up to stop Reverend Adam Nagle’s evil plot. Romance, blackmail, murder, the black martial arts, a phony religious empire, and a conspiracy to take control of the United States government are all woven together to keep the pages turning!

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Categories Thrill , Encounter , Encounter - Paranormal & Supernatural , Encounter - Science Fiction
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