AMERICAN DREAMS by James Vincent Fusco


Sometimes people are haunted by their dreams!

David Walker's corporation is nearing collapse and, in order to survive, needs to develop a successful resort complex in Summer's Dream, Wisconsin. The town, economically depressed and in crisis, needs it as well – but the resort will destroy the lakefront heritage park and residents are terribly divided about it. Two in particular, Merrilee Carollyn and her grandfather, Thomas, strongly oppose Walker's plans.

During the heated conflict that inevitably erupts, two visits occur there – one from an English boy whose parents have died, and another from a young vagrant. Each of the people in Summer's Dream have dreams of their own: some lost, some broken, some recurring. Unknown to anyone, something connects each of them – a link in a long, forgotten, broken chain – and brings them back together in a surprising, shocking conclusion one stormy but very special evening.

American Dreams is a beautiful, elegiac story built on the theme that our past is contained in the future and our future contained in the past.

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