Anastasia Dawson is an attractive professor of Anthropology on an expedition with her students -- but they never quite make it to their destination. Instead, a freak bolt of lightening strikes their plane, and it crashes miles from the expedition site. No one is injured, but communication is impossible and their flight plan is lost, so they remain stranded as rescue efforts are conducted conducted hundreds of miles away.

The group spends their first night huddled in a building, waiting for a fierce storm to pass. After several days, the group learns that the search for them has been called off. They decide they'll need to adjust to life at the crash site if they're going to curvive, and organize themselves into a tribe.

Anastasia is elected by the student majority as Chief, but one of her students, Alyssa Timmons, has other ideas. She starts to clash with Anastasia and goes to her friend Will for protection. He protects her -- but in exchange for his assistance, he requires her submission.

Meanwhile, newlyweds Tom and Janice Clarke begin to struggle with each other as well. Tom is excited by the idea of the women submitting to the men, but Janice resists his demands.

Their pilot, Pete Calhoun, is also intrigued by the prospect of a tribe of willing, supplicating women, but his sights are set on Anastasia. One day, he discovers her reading an erotic novel and vows to read the book himself, for insight into the young professor’s sexual interests.

Pete and Will join as allies to convince the other men that female rule has failed, and Pete is chosen as their new chief. Once Pete has perused Anastasia's erotic novel, he and Will also join as allies to pursue her. When they find her, however, they realize that another man has beaten them to their prize: Anastasia has been captured by a mystery man who has already bound and stripped her. Quick on his feet, Pete takes the opportunity to play the rescuer and, in exchange for her rescue, claims Anastasia as his own.

A brand new treat by one of our master storytellers of BDSM fiction. This book will not disappoint!

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About the Author

D. W. Collins writes:

"I live on an island on one of the great lakes with my long-suffering life partner. My neighbors are a colorful lot. Most leave in the winter so I have lots of time to write. Their antics regularly inspire story ideas in my overly active imagination.

Most of my stories come from life experiences, the rest are fantasies.

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Categories Thrill , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
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