AT LAST! A Novel of Love’s Delay by Christina Rhys


They Had Abandoned All Hope Of Love!

Two lonely people, having nearly abandoned their dreams of ever finding someone to love, find themselves entering the winter season in the woods of Michigan. Little do either of them know that this will prove to be the winter of their lives.

Nory Douglas has fulfilled all of the roles of dutiful daughter, loving mother, and obedient wife. Now she finds herself without a role to fulfill. Finally Nory has the chance to be "just Nory" -- whoever that may prove to be. As she embarks on a journey to Michigan to discover who exactly she is without a role, she has no idea she may find the role she's been waiting for all this time -- and the one role that will bring her the greatest happiness.

Lee Lowrey has abandoned all hope of ever having a normal life again. Disabled by a cruel twist of fate, he has retreated to the woods of Michigan to live out the remainder of his life in solitude. He believes that no woman could ever accept his disability, but  the desire to prove himself wrong still burns fiercely in his heart.

The snow falls early this year in Michigan -- and with the falling snow, two lonely people, each needing the touch of a special love in their lives, are brought together at last. But with all the pain that their hearts have already endured, will each of them be able to recognize and accept the bond that pulls them relentlessly together and love one another unconditionally, long after the snows have gone?

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About the Author

Christina Rhys currently resides in Kentucky. All of her work involves characters who are past the age of forty-five.

"I hope that you will enjoy not only the erotic portions of my work," says Christina, "but more importantly that you will also share the joy of mature men and women discovering that love and passion are available to all regardless of age."

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