BAHAMAS BOAT: The Shanghai Joe Schooner by Bo Bleu


A Wild and Erotic Tale of Pirates, Sex, Lesbians, and BDSM Adventure on the High Seas - as Only Our Best-Selling Bo Bleu Can Write It!

Nora Parvis and Becky Goodwen are members of their international sorority sailing group known as "The Regina Hall Sailing Club:" they meet for the first time as the different competitors gather for the annual regatta held in the lee of Andros Island in the Bahamas.

Becky Goodwen, an experienced sailor, takes over the group of four boats and they enter the three day competition. Without walking away with top honors, they do get honorable mention and a share of the purse. Becky Goodwen is a strong player and dominates the inexperienced Nora Parvis: they make some basic agreements which are awkward for Nora because she has never been in a girl-girl situation.

Becky wastes no time confessing she is 'out' and hints of some past conquests. The desire to place their sailing club at the front line persuades Nora to cooperate with the help of liberal doses of alcohol to keep up her flagging enthusiasm. After the regatta is over, both girls express a desire to remain in the islands to escape home circumstances they find difficult. Cashing in their regatta earnings for a cottage overlooking the lagoon at the Chickcharnie Resort, Nora secures employment in the resort management and after a successful training program is seduced, forcibly, by the resort manager, Kay Candace.

In the course of her duties, Nora secures a large group of artists that convention in the islands each year. Top management is impressed by her diligence and after a rigorous interview with the top exec in a Nassau convention center, Nora secures a cushy job visiting the syndicate string of resorts to train the reservationists but she is unhappy with being away from Becky and to keep her producing in her job, the CEO, Ron Malta, snatches Becky and stashes her on the Shanghai Joe, a 68' sailing schooner owned by the syndicate.

Basically a hostage, Becky experiences a pirate attack on the schooner while out at sea but Nora and Becky survive the chaos by getting away in the captain's dinghy. Back in their home grounds, there is publicity when they are listed as among the dead along with the captain, crew and many passengers. Seeing this as their opportunity to escape, they try - but  the one person they thought they could trust betrays them.

Is all hope lost? The answer lies with the next sailing of the Shanghai Joe.

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