BITE CLUB by Amber Rose Thompson


In a vampire's perfect world, humans are for eating. Brandon doesn't live in that world, not yet at least, but he does dream of it every morning as he goes to sleep. Forced to live off daily allotments of synthetic blood and ruled by the humans who devise new regulations to keep him and his kind in check, Brandon is sure of one thing: he loathes, hates, despises humans as a whole.

What Brandon doesn't realize is that all of his worlds, the real and the imagined, will change completely when he meets a seemingly vulnerable woman at Bite Club. She distracts him, rocks his world with her blood and binds him to her. For the first time, Brandon isn't calling the shots - but he knows that whatever happens will involve more blood. What he doesn't expect is to be lured into the trap of a female dominatrix who has ideas for Brandon's future to which he'd never willingly agree - or will the lust for blood make him change his mind?

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About the Author

Thompson says, "I write under the pen name Amber Rose Thompson. Why don't I use my legal name? Well, I don't want to be blacklisted from getting jobs, now do I? By training, I am a public librarian who most recently worked in the metropolis of New York City. But, and this is a big but, I write the kind of books that will never be offered at any library or even considered. And that is why I use a fictitious name.

It is a bit sad to promote reading by day and hide my own writing while doing so. Before work, on lunch, break, and after work I write hot, erotic tales that I hope will make readers squirm and fan themselves. My one major hurdle in writing is my kitten who believes laps are for sleeping, not laptops. Because of this hindrance, I often write one-handed, and not for the reason your dirty mind is thinking. I hold the laptop with one hand and type with the other so my little bundle of fur can purr in her sleep.

My muse for writing is my lovely and amazing partner who I've been married to for seventeen wonderful years. We all must get our inspiration from somewhere after all. My marriage is an interesting one, while we have been married for a while, we actually have two marriage certificates. You see part way through our marriage we both transitioned to the opposite gender. I told you my marriage was different. I am a trans man writing under a female name, talk about gender bending and mental games."

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