BOUND ANGEL by E. Mabeuse


Winner of 'E for Excellence" Award!

When private eye Matt Danger is contacted by reclusive alcoholic millionaire Buddy Tremaine to find Buddy's adopted daughter Beth, he meets the strange group of female characters who inhabit Buddy's mansion, including Buddy's gorgeous young wife Felicia. Matt discovers that the women run a BDSM ring when he is captured and forced to dominate and be dominated in one of their sessions. Although Matt is sexually satisfied by the experience, he finds he is no closer to solving the mystery than when he started. Will further sessions be necessary if he wants to discover the truth?

And just how far will a PI go to do his job? Matt's adventures are not your usual BDSM but something quite unique.

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Categories Submission , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
Author Page E. Mabeuse's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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