Alpha male dominates the neighborhood!

Michael, the self-elected leader of a neighborhood of twenty modest homes in South Carolina, had decided that his community would be principally devoted to the pleasure of its men—and, of course, none more than him. Two of the community's homes were rentals, with low rent given in trade for just the right couples. Pamela, Michael’s wife, decided which couple would serve the neighborhood at a given time...not only the men, but also the women.

Drew and Charlene were young and on the run from the law. Branded as low-level sexual offenders—one an exhibitionist, the other a voyeur, and both with eyes only for consenting adults—they knew they had to escape the stigma of their positions. They robbed a 7-11 to fund their escape and headed a thousand miles to South Carolina to begin a new life, with new identities as a married couple.

They were smart and savvy enough to escape detection as they settled into new jobs. As they looked to move from the cheap weekly motel into a modest house, Charlene thought fate shined her way when she met Pamela and saw her available rental. What Charlene didn't know was that Pamela was a part-time police officer—and one who, with her resources at hand, didn't take  long to discover Charlene’s and Drew’s dark past. Would Charlene be the right one to inflame Michael’s lust for something new and depraved?

A voyeur or exhibitionist can never really be rid of their drives, and all Pamela had to do was wait for them to resurface—it was too easy. And so it was that Drew found himself on display before many beautiful women, the ultimate scenario for an exhibitionist. Yet their sexual experience in the past was looking at or being looked at, not taking part, so they were naïve in the ways of these depraved men and women. Meanwhile, Charlene found herself drawn to the magnetic personality of Michael.

They found themselves at the neighbors’ parties—and in way over their heads as they discovered the breadth and depth of imagination (and execution!) lent to the neighbors' kinks. At each turn, they thought they’d succumbed to it all, but every encounter was new, surprising, and progressively more degrading. Michael lorded over their strange little community, with Charlene on her knees before him—and, soon, before many others besides. Drew, however, had assumed all the women would pleasure him, and was quickly disabused of his false hopes, finding himself on his own knees and at their mercy—but, as Charlene had discovered with the men,  there was no mercy to be found, only demand. ...And there was no escape, except through their complete submission.

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Our #1 Bestselling Author, Powerone captivates readers by bringing them into the minds of both male and female lead characters. With vivid description and rich detail, Powerone draws readers into a world often found only in fantasy and leaves them aching for more. His bestseller, Bound for His Pleasure, has recently been issued in paperback.

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