BOUND FOR LOVE: Tales of the Ties that Bind – Edited by Sascha Illyvich


Most people would think that the world of being tied up, whipped and ordered around like a slave and the world of flowers and romance are two different realities that could never go hand in hand. Yet, in truth, many of our most intense moments of lovemaking include elements of bondage or bdsm - mental or physical. Some even say there is nothing more romantic and precious than the surrender of a sub to a dom. When explicit trust leads to intimacy, a greater connection occurs between the participants.

The stories in this collection focus on the romantic aspect of the bdsm lifestyle. But it also has something to say to everyone -- for while only some may be tops and bottoms in a dungeon, we are all tops and bottoms in love.

In the collection's first story, Gianna Simone takes us through a situation that seems destined to tear a longtime dominant and submissive apart. Then PM White shows that bdsm can create a connection that transcends time and space. Next Marianne LaCroix portrays the depth of love a sissy bitch can have for his strict, demanding Mistress. Oceania shows us profound romance in a session of foot tickling. Margie Church and newcomer K. B. Cutter wonder whether a dominant male can learn to switch -- if it's for the one he loves?

Plus six more masterful stories about romance in the world of dominance and submission -- and people who are bound for love.

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About the Editor

Sascha Illyvich writes romance, erotica and romantic erotica. As an author of erotica he is probably best known for his novels of bondage and discipline published by Sizzler Editions.

Proclaimed by the publishing industry as the Bad Boy of Romance, Sascha Illyvich started writing twelve years ago. His erotic romances have been listed under the Night Owl Romance and Road to Romance’s Recommended Read list, as well nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio.


Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 4.5 out of 5

This anthology is full of many erotic stories all revolving around some kind of BDSM. The stories range from the tame to those with very strong BDSM content. Each of these stories takes you on an emotional ride. Every author does a good job of bringing their worlds and characters to life, and they kept me interested all the way through to the end of every story.

FANTASY UNBOUND by Gianna Simone brings two coworkers together. Emily and Devon have harbored feelings for each other for some time but have always hidden them away, assuming they would never be reciprocated. I think this was the most romantic story in this anthology. It was wonderful to see Devon and Emily begin their tentative relationship. Due to circumstances out of their control the two are finally able to admit and act on their feelings. The two make a wonderful couple and seeing the love and trust between them was a great read.

MORE by PM White gives us a story of a man's awakening. During a visit to a poetry slam John Sellers finds himself having a new adventure with a woman named Lela. She shows him just how he inspires her and he continues to be her muse throughout the competition. This was an interesting story. Watching John find himself was a good read and in the end we find ourselves wondering just where he will go from here.

TIE ME UP AND SPANK ME by Marianne LaCroix shows us Mistress Helen and her sub. He enjoys many things that others are not aware of, and she is more than willing to accommodate him. Mistress Helen knows just what he needs and wants—and gives it to him. Seeing the love that both Mistress Helen and her sub show [each other made this story] a nice read.

FAITHFUL by Clarice Clique brings us the story of Faith. As we begin the story, she is one of two subs staying with her Dom. He is a strong Dom who pushes many of the women’s buttons and some may find the debasing of the women offensive. Faith loves her Dom and wants more from him. She must find herself first before he will agree. The emotional struggle that Faith goes through makes for an engaging read. The love between the two is evident and shows in all that they do.

THE COUNTESS by Oceania Monroe was an intriguing story based around a foot fetish. This story was not something I generally look for, but it still kept my attention. It was an interesting read that had me waiting to see just what would happen next between the Countess and the agents.

HEREAFTER BRIDLED by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata gives us the story of Weston. He has never remembered what he did so long ago on a strange night out—that is, until the one day when Veronica walks back into his life. The love these two have for each other is strong, and lasts even through the years they are apart. She is a strong Mistress and Weston longs for her and what she can do. The fire between these two made for a hot story.

POSSESSED by Sascha Illyvich is Valerie’s story. She comes to Ronan’s house to receive her punishment for not being able to do as he asked. Valerie wants to belong to Ronan, she wants to be his slave and is more than ready to do anything he wants, and is more than willing to share him with his other woman. Seeing the trust Valerie has for Ronan made this story engaging.

TAKEN FOR A RIDE by Marge T. Felcher gives us Bryony and her adventure. We are treated to her feelings and her inner thoughts throughout her attempts to please her Dom, as she is put into a special device and [transformed into] the entertainment of the night. This author does a great job of bringing Bryony and her feelings—both physical and mental—to life.

RAZOR by Margie Church and K. B. Cutter shows us that an alpha male can learn to show his softer side to his wife and her best friend. He loves his wife and is more than willing to try and give her what she needs—and if that means submitting to her best friend, then that's what he'll do.

BONDAGE OF THE HEART by Genevieve Ash gives us the story of Cara and Philip. Theirs is a strange relationship: Cara allows Philip to enjoy others, and wants to hear about his exploits—until she decides she wants to see them as well. The tables are turned on Cara when she goes to Philip’s house and hides in his closet to watch. Seeing the love and understanding between Cara and Philip made for an engaging read.

All of these stories give the reader a look into a different world. They show us that this world is not just about pain, but filled with love and understanding; the trust and attraction is strong between all of the characters in these stories. I enjoyed my visit to each author’s world and will be sure to look for more from many of these authors in the future.

—Gabrielle of BDSM Book Reviews

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