BOUND IN LEATHER by Fletchina Archer


"Strong Writing - Complicated Characters - To Be Added to the Collection!"

That's how The Book Corner describes the erotic novels of Fletchina Archer. Her newest book is the revealing story of two women with unrestrained imaginations and the courage to live out their fantasies. When Sandy sees pictures of erotic Indian temple sculptures - writhing bodies in every imaginable sexual combination and some that she couldn't imagine - she starts fantasizing about making love with another woman - and sharing with her husband, Ron.

Engrossed in a lively fantasy inspired by the sculptures, Sandy goes to the public library for a book on the topic. Elizabeth, a librarian with unusual powers who literally experiences others' fantasies, guides her to the books. Everything about Sandy - her fantasies, scent, hair, hips, breasts arouses Elizabeth. Sandy realizes she wants the same thing Elizabeth longs for - and much more!

The two women find satisfaction when they finally give in to their lust for each other bodies and minds and then, with Ron go to beyond to explore the world of bondage and domination - a place none of them has been before!

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Categories Submission , Attraction - Bisexual , Attraction
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