Sit your slightly aging body in a chair in your real world while your twenty-year-old stud’s virtual body is taking the most gorgeous, bound young woman in your virtual world. But your pleasure is entirely in your head.

...Or she begs you to take her, so who are you to deny her the pleasure. Your real body has its way with her, while all the surroundings that excited her to the point of surrender are virtual. She does everything to bring you your pleasure—everything!

What if the future of VR lies in the more intense forms of sexual pleasure? Many acts require time-consuming preparations or large and expensive equipment, yet only a small portion is used at any one time. VR could provide the backdrop of fear and excitement instead, to make it all more realistic.

What would it be like if you could make virtual items come ‘alive’ using AI? What if you could incorporate all the sexual experiences that AI can gather from test subjects and volunteers? What if your virtual dungeon and all its tools shifted form in milliseconds, and in the blink of an eye, you could change the whole reality of the situation? Would it be used for good or evil?

This novel is about the scientists working on these projects. Their sexual research … relentless, and the virtual simulations never-ending! At first, they were objective observers, but they soon joined the demonstrations. After all, it was necessary for the success of their work. That’s what they would all tell you. But, after what they’d seen, they were more than willing to volunteer—for the intensity of the experience would always be worthwhile.

Jammed into the pages of Bound in the Metaverse, Powerone lets you peek into the dark depths of pleasure: BDSM, group sex—where the virtual world and the real world clash into a collision of pleasure and submission.

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About the Author

The #1 Best Selling Author, he captivates readers by bringing them into the minds of both male and female lead characters. With vivid description and rich detail, Powerone draws readers into a world often found only in fantasy and leaves them aching for more. His bestseller, Bound for His Pleasure, has also been issued in paperback.

Powerone resides at the beach in San Diego where scantily clad women forever perk his imagination.

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