BOUND THE RESTLESS WAVE [The Amazons Quartet, Book 2] by Susanna Valent


The Queer "Left Behind" Series Continues!

The suspense mounts in the second volume of this acclaimed new series by the bestselling author of The Queen's Slave Woman series. In Book 1, Strong to Save, we met the dynamic Naval officer Kris Nordstrom, forced to resign when Christian and Muslim fundamentalists join forces to capture the White House and make their anti-woman, anti-queer agenda law. While Kris vacations with her sister's family and learns that her teenaged niece is also a lesbian, Kris' friend Andrea Santiago, secretly in love with her, plots a way to escape to the still-liberal West Coast and take Kris along, hoping propinquity will lead to passion.

In Bound the Restless Wave, the two women finally set sail together to California and become lovers. They meet Nicole Gervais and become a triad. Soon the three are making plans and joining forces with other women, determined to make a new life outside the U.S. None of them know that this is a decision that will land Kris and Andrea in deadly danger and lead to hairs-breadth escapes, car chases, helicopter rescues, and intense shootouts. Meanwhile, Kris' nieces, Danielle and Carole, are forced to pretend to believe in the new fundamentalism, while trying desperately to find a way out of the clutches of their cult-like church and easily-led parents. A Queer counterpart to the Left Behind series, these are books no liberal will want to miss.

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About the Author

Susanna Valent is a native New Yorker, former military officer, and college instructor living in Florida with her spouse and three dogs. She enjoys travel, reading, arguing politics and writing!

Her published work includes more than a dozen works of lesbian erotic fiction, as well as scholarly non-fiction.

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