12,000 BCE
The leader of a primitive hunting party is about to spring upon his prey when a powerful force snatches him from his familiar surroundings and flings him into a strange and barren place where nothing makes sense.

2063 CE
Brilliant physicist Dr. Jane Hope is conducting the first live test of her new time machine. The device is programmed to transport a man forward in time through 14,000 years so that modern science can test a real live "caveman" to find out what prehistoric humans were really like.

Though the experiment appears to work flawlessly at first, there's one variable that Dr. Hope failed to include in her calculations: the human variable. Her caveman specimen proves to be much more intelligent and resourceful than anyone in the lab gives him credit for. Soon he is in control of the situation and is making good his escape back to his own time.

Unfortunately for Dr. Hope, the caveman has decided to return with a couple specimens of his own: none other than Dr. Hope herself along with the lab's beautiful and kinky computer nerd, Joanna Ng.

But what does he ultimately plan to do with his trophies from the future? And are there other dangers, even more primitive than the caveman, lurking in this prehistoric forest?

The two women now find themselves in a primal world with no modern conveniences and no way to get back to their own time. Completely at the mercy of the caveman, they discover that rather than being in control of their "specimen", he is in control of them.

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