BOUND TO BE GOOD by Rebecca Lash


Grace is a married, early-30’s wife and mother with a brilliant mind and an insatiable appetite for rough lovemaking. She seeks out men who provide wild sex. After escaping from a a too-dangerous man, she attempts reform by enrolling in college. Her faculty advisor, Sebastian, recognizes that Grace is on a collision course with a grisly end and that the only way to stop her is to teach her selfesteem through bondage and domination, by showing her she can triumph over pain, humiliation, and fear.

Sebastian is perhaps the only man who could dominate and satisfy her. He has triumphed over a difficult childhood to achieve almost superhuman self-control, both in his personal life and in sexual performance. He persuades her to agree to a “slave” contract on a month-by-month basis and proceeds to tests the limits of her endurance, tolerance for non-injurious pain and self-abnegation. Her strength surprises both of them.

The final lesson Sebastian administers is to teach her that her life is too precious for her to treat sex with strangers as an extreme sport, getting added kicks from the danger of coupling with killers and other unstable types. He does this by creating the illusion that she is within seconds of an extremely painful and bloody end. She is tied naked and blindfolded on a Sierra mountainside and believes a pack of wolves is about to rip her apart. When Grace can take no more, Sebastian “rescues” her and she is aware of how precious her life is to her.

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