BOUND TO SUBMIT [Aluminum Roses Book 2] by T.B. Robertson


A Slave to Marriage!

Shirley Sergeant's approach to life (marrying a decadent millionaire) led her to being tied up naked between two poles in a motorcycle chop shop in Dressed to Submit: Aluminum Roses Part 1. Bound to Submit, the final book of her adventures, brings Shirley's humiliating experiences to their inevitable climax!

Forced into virtual sexual slavery by her rich husband, Shirley is made to have sex with men and women and even a biker gang bang to satisfy her rich master's tastes. Slowly she learns that money isn't everything and her marriage is a joke. But can she break free of the bonds of marriage she has forged, or has her greed led her into a downward spiral of ever-greater slavery and degradation?

Cover Image by Alexey Nikishin.

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Categories Submission , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
Author Page T.B. Robertson's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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