BREAKDOWN by Rory R. O’Neal


One her way home, Mary’s car overheats and she has to pull over.  With no signal on her phone, she's forced to try and hitch a ride. When the first car that pulls up turns out to be a chauffeur driven Rolls with a charming older man in the back, she accepts his offer to take her home and arrange for her car to be picked up, if she consents to accompany him to a dinner engagement.

Reluctantly agreeing, she finds herself the honoured guest of an all-male banquet in a stately home.  Amongst such charming and polite company, her evening seems like a dream come true.  However, all is not as it appears to be, and following a surfeit of champagne, things begin to unravel, following her participation in a series of surreal games that end in a mock trial.

When she wakes the next morning, she is safely returned to her car and given a phone number.  Hardly able to believe what she had got up to under the influence, she feels ashamed of herself, but with the passing weeks, she is unable to get it out of her mind, eventually succumbing to calling the number out of curiosity.  Her second encounter with her mystery man is a one on one without the grand theatricals of the first evening, but returning for a third time, she realizes, too late that she is a pawn in a huge sex game designed for wealthy aristocrats.  Kept prisoner with another girl and forced to undergo numerous humiliating and depraved encounters, they determine to escape from the labyrinthine confines of this country house, but succeeds only in bringing down further punishments on their luckless heads.  Will they finally make it?

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