BUTTERFLIES [The Snap Shot Series] by M. Millswan


Romantic Erotica in the Classic Tradition!

Here is the first in a new series of books written by M. Millswan. Each book is inspired by the vintage erotic photograph that appears on the cover, and features nostalgic erotica written in the classic style. "For us today," the author writes, "an old erotic photograph enables us to peek back to a day long past and envision the sexual interests and escapades of people, in real places, who were willing to run the risk of making a permanent visual record of their exciting and usually clandestine sexual activities. This collection of softly sensual stories, like a personal and private time machine, takes the reader back in time and allows a first hand glimpse of an imaginative portrayal of the story behind the photograph. Like a sensuous picture book for adults only, each story included in the Snap Shot books revolves around a once private erotic image, captured long ago on film, yet lost in time, and now rediscovered and presented for you, the discriminating reader, to appreciate, experience and enjoy."

In Snap Shots volume one you will find: "Snap Shot," a story about youth, fantasy, desire, thrill, and the realization of dreams come true. When it first appeared in an erotic webzine, readers hailed "Snap Shot" as "[t]he finest piece of erotic literature I've ever read," and "[m]agnificent, simply superb. Sensual and beautifully moving."

You will also find "Butterflies" a story for every person who has ever seen an erotic film has wondered what would it be like to be in front of the camera. In this sensual story of transformation, the reader is treated to the unique opportunity to vicariously live the emerging career of a young actress, who discovers that her way up in this glamorous line of business is only found through lying down.

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