CAGING CAITLYN by Reese Gabriel


"Hot and Steamy Bondage - 5 Stars!"

The bestselling delineator of the romance of bondage and domination, Reese Gabriel is at his best in this spellbinding novel. Special Agent Caitlyn Ross has just put notorious drug dealer Anton Draco away for life after a long and difficult undercover operation ... or so she thinks.

Draco's escape is already in the works, his first and only objective being revenge against the beautiful woman who stole his heart and freedom both. Abducting Ross in a parking garage, he kidnaps her to a Central American country where he systematically violates and enslaves her, forcing her to serve the lowest dregs of society. Cait's boss and sometime dominant boyfriend Luke Dumont manages to free her, but who holds the keys to her heart. Whose cage will she crawl to-the gangster's or Dumont's?

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
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