CAPTURED – ON FILM by Reese Gabriel


Tied and Bound, She Found Happiness in Surrender!

Julie Summers was a woman whose passions were heightened by total submission - then she met Grigori and Giovanni while shooting an erotic film. The two men had never met a woman like her: but as far as these two doms were concerned, she was the answer to their prayers. Soon she was their helpless slave, forced to act out their every fantasy of pleasure and pain. But as Julie was surrendering her body, they were surrendering their hearts. One of them would soon have to make way for the other ... unless happiness is possible to three in love!

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Julie Summers has finally caught her big break. She’s been hired to work with world renowned director Giovanni Ambrosiano, a man whose career has been extraordinary, the man with more raw talent in his little pinky finger than most people have in their entire bodies. Julie still can’t believe she has earned the part. Her so-called “career” has been made up of detergent commercials and a few small roles in B movies that never lead anywhere. To make this extraordinary experience even more unbelievable is the fact that her leading man, Grigori, is a handsome and sexy stranger with an accent, little talent in the English language, and hard pectorals. He’s a dream come true!

As the movie gets underway, the attraction between Grigori and Julie grows until it reaches a boiling point of passion. But there’s a third party to consider. Giovanni has no intention of letting the beautiful Grigori be with only Julie. Giovanni has started to care for not only Grigori but for Julie. But before Julie can continue with Grigori, she has to prove that she’s ready to accept Giovanni that she’ll be submissive and learn to please them both. Suddenly, what started off as a movie, as a strategic career move, has morphed into the most sexual, the most personal and intimate experience of Julie’s life. Will she ever be able to recover her individuality again? Will she ever be able to go on with a normal life without these two wonderful men?

Captured!—On Film is an erotic journey that you will not soon forget. I will admit the characters and the entire situation they were experiencing seemed a bit bizarre for my tastes at first, but as I kept reading, I slowly saw this story as a vision of eroticism by Reese Gabriel, similar to what Giovanni was doing with his film. The love experienced by these three characters is something not often seen in romance novels, in fact, romance seems a pale term for the intensity of this story. Not even erotic can truly describe the tone of this story. If you are looking for a story that will stretch your emotional boundaries, Captured!—On Film is just the story to pick up. Be warned, it contains several M/M and M/M/F scenes, all of which add to the story and truly help to develop the characters’ personalities and strengths.

—Sarah W., Fallen Angel Reviews

Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission , Intoxication - Bondage & BDSM , Intoxication
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