Sentenced to Sexual Servitude!

Based on trumped up charges, beautiful Carmella has been sentenced to a seventeen year sentence of "service to the State" in the small but strategically important Middle East nation of Calipha. Forced into service at one of the local brothels, she is trained to be an enthusiastic sexual slave.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Jeb tries to return to Calipha to save Carmella: hired as a "financial consultant" by the Prince of Calipha, Jeb does not suspect that the Prince owns both the Casino which he was cheated and Carmella.

It is actually a trap for Jeb set by the Prince: will he and Carmella escape - or will Carmella be forced into greater servitude by the Prince's trainers?

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
Author Page Paul Blades' Sizzler Editions eBooks

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