CLAIMED BY THE ZYNDEVINE [Bayou Magiste Chronicles] by Gianna Simone


“The story leads you on an emotional rollercoaster, but it is well worth the ride. …Sex is here, often and hot, well written and intense. …The intrigue mixed with magic keeps you anxiously reading—portals, magic books, amulets and spells. A world that is within the 'normal' world. Ms. Simone, thank you! An awesome series I loved and would recommend it to anyone.”
—Daria, BDSM Book Reviews

At last Gianna Simone delves back in time to write a novel of romantic suspense and bondage that details the creation of the Bayou Magiste families and their first landing in the New World. In 13th century France, attacked by those carrying out the Papal Inquisition, Magiste Enchantress Chantal Belliveau is thankful for rescue from certain torture and death. But she never expected it to be at the hands of Henri Marchand, one of a powerful pureblooded line of ancient Magiste. He holds the key to her survival, but the danger he poses might be worse.

Henri is part of Il Resistasse, a handful of powerful Magiste fighting the atrocities the Catholic Church inflicts on their race. Saving Chantal becomes more than a simple rescue—the innocent young woman with half-trained powers enchants him more than he's ever been enchanted before. That she enjoys the dark side of pleasure—especially whatever he inflicts on her—makes him question his determination to avoid giving another his heart.

Chantal is horrified when Henri invokes an ancient spell, the Possede Puissant. The incantation leaves her little more than his possession. While she finds herself enjoying his kinky and challenging ministrations, she determines to free herself. Still, the security she finds with Henri encourages her to stay by his side, claiming spell or not.

When the Inquisitors attack, Henri convinces Chantal to embark on a journey to a new land—a journey that may well mean the survival of the entire Magiste race.

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About the Author

A born-and-bred Jersey Girl with Brooklyn roots, I still live where it all started. I married my very own alpha male many eons ago, and am a full-time working mom to two school-age children. Needless to say, free time is always at a premium, and I spend the bulk of it lost in the worlds of my own making. I love to read and write hot, sexy and emotional stories about people both glamorous and not-so-glamorous. And some of them are even downright un-heroic, which is part of what makes them so sexy, in my opinion!

On those rare occasions when I am not writing, you can catch me playing in my other favorite alternate worlds of Highlander, Harry Potter, Charmed, and DragonBall Z! Yes, I know, an odd combo, but they all feature some of the sexiest villains ever.

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