CLAIRE’S AWAKENING [Love’s Legacy Book I] by T. L. Davison


A Spellbinding Saga of Romance, Passion and Reincarnation!

In the year 1799 in Cornwall, England at Cardon Hall, four people are intertwined in a hopeless situation that ends in murder. Almost two centuries later the four protagonists are reborn to meet and repeat or rectify the past wrong. They are Lance Stevens, Kenn Michael Harrison, James Brandon and Claire Deveraux. In 1974 Claire and Lance, both attractive, very articulate and intelligent, encounter each other when seventeen-year-old Claire goes to Cornwall for the summer holidays. It's love and recognition at first sight on Lance's part, because he's been haunted by nightmares of the 1700s. Lance invites Claire to Cardon Hall, his family's ancestral home, where she, too, begins to experience very vivid memories of the past. Lance is convinced that he has found his ancient love. Claire on the other hand is dismayed by what is happening to her. However, her best friend Elsa, familiar with reincarnation through her spiritualist grandmother helps Claire to understand better and fully accept her connection with Lance. At first, Lance and Claire's relationship is almost like a fairy tale, despite the feelings of doom both have stemming from the tragic past that hangs over them. Then Claire's mother dies and she is relieved to have to join the rest of her family in Canada. For, as much as she loves Lance, Claire does not feel ready to get married at seventeen. Lance gives Claire his ring, and she promises to return. But, deep inside, she wonders if she really will. Ahead of her lies encounters with Kenn and James that will create further doubts for Claire. Are she and Lance truly star-crossed lovers, or merely two mortals drawn together by unresolved forces from the past?

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