CLAIRE’S ESCAPE [Love’s Legacy Book III] T. L. Davison


Love that Spans the Ages, the Supernatural and Deadly Jealousy!

Two hundred years ago, in England, four people were involved in a deadly web of romance, jealousy, intrigue and murder. Today, they have been reborn: fated to face the same situation and either make the same tragic mistakes or rise above them. The four are Lance Stevens, Kenn Michael Harrison, James Brandon and Claire Deveraux. When Claire was 17, she met Lance and they fell in love. But, Claire, frightened by the intensity of their attraction, told him she needed time. In Toronto for her mother's funeral, Claire finds her bitchy, jealous sister, Helena, hasn't changed, using every chance she gets to be cruel to Claire. Then Dr. James Brandon saves Claire's life during a dangerous illness, and develops an uncontrollable obsession for her. In the third volume of this enthralling saga, Clair will be haunted by nightmares of an 18th century murder, learn Lance has died in an Andean plane crash, marry a seemingly contrite Brandon when she finds she is pregnant from the rape, become the target of his murderous jealousy, achieve rock stardom, and meet Kenn Michael Harrison, the one man who can explain the mysterious nightmares of an ancient murder that have haunted her since childhood.

Soon she begins to expect that she is fated to die violently at her husband's hands the same way the woman who haunts her dreams died.

Cover art: T.L. Davison

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