Enthralling Novel of the World of Discipline!

A fascinating novel of women who misbehave and men who put them in their place from the bestselling author of Obediently Ever After. Chrissy was a little wild and a little impudent. She needed the discipline she'd never had. Then the uncontrollable Chrissy met Derek. Derek knew exactly what Chrissy needed. But, he also knew exactly what Chrissy wanted. Chrissy rebelled. So Derek set about controlling Chrissy.

Reese Gabriel is a Five Star author of erotica, and readers say things like, "Reese Gabriel's books "grip you with believable, sexy characters. To the last page, the plot keeps you guessing and the sex is hot, too. The BDSM aspects are just right. A surprisingly great read from an up and coming author."

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