Patty was a grad student working on campus. She was given the opportunity by Julie Donnofrio, daughter of a notorious crime family, who owed Patty a big favor. Soon the Donnofrio family embroiled Patty in a sex trafficking scheme, from which she was helpless to escape!  Happily, Patty found love with Shirley, an ex-flame. To keep in good with the family, Patty had to bed Julie on a routine basis but Shirley - being somewhat innocent, was caught in the licentious web spread by Emil Donnofrio, Julie’s uncle, and felt herself unable to escape his sexual demands. The Donnofrios' escapades continued until the authorities showed up and Emil was hauled off to the lockup ... but other family members took Shirley's sister Rachel to force Shirley and Patty to remain employees in the burgeoning sex empire.

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Categories Thrill , Attraction - Lesbian , Attraction - Bisexual , Attraction
Author Page Bo Bleu's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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