DAMAGED GOODS: A Novel of Romance and Violation by Melissa Harlow


Michelle was in love with Gregg Matthews, who had suffered a devastating accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He was frustrated by his limitations, especially his inability to make love. On the rebound from Gregg's rejection, Michelle married the wrong man, an abuser who tormented her physically and sexually, then sold her as a sex slave to Duane, a drug dealer, to pay off his drug debt. Forced to serve Duane any way he wants her to - and Duane likes to tie his women up and do some very bad things to them - Michelle knows her dreams of being rescued by Gregg are mere fantasy.

What she doesn't know is that someone else has a plan, a plan to kidnap Michelle, hoping that if Gregg has just one more chance with her he will finally admit his love. But even when they are brought together, Gregg believes she only wants to stay with him to escape her husband and Duane, and he is still unable to admit he is hopelessly love with Michelle. He is certain no woman could love a man who is incapable of having sex. She thinks he doesn't want her because she is damaged goods. Meanwhile, her husband and Duane are looking for her. By the author of Motier Foux.

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About the Author

When asked about her work, Melissa Harlow has said, "As the reader, you get to do something that in real life none of us get to do, you get to see inside of each person. Past the scars of drug addiction, or the man holding the gun, or even the homeless man by the dumpster, you get to see what they are truly like inside.

"Everyone has made mistakes, and as much as we all hate to admit it, none of us are perfect. In my books people who’ve never had anything really great happen to them in their lives get that shining moment of glory, people who have been dragging around guilt finally find a little peace — oh, and there’s sex, lots of sex, I guess I should mention that."

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