An action-adventure novel of murder, betrayal, bondage, sex and more murder!

Dawn and Travis were the idyllic couple living the good life in San Diego with their two college-aged daughters—until one night when Travis is murdered and Dawn’s life is threatened, saved only by a botched attempt to cut the alarm. Their lives begin to unravel and Dawn is forced to tell the truth to her daughters: that in addition to owning a successful fastener business, their father was also a drug smuggler. With his business partner Michael, who ran the factory, they brought heroin into the United States, shipped in with their products.

Michael comes to the rescue of Dawn and the girls, Jade and Savannah, but does he have ulterior motives for his former partner’s wife? It begins to get complicated when Dawn wants her share and finds out the business is hidden in ways to keep the authorities from it, but it also complicates her need for security that money can provide. Travis had shared too much about Dawn’s sexual preferences when he drank with Michael...and Michael began to covet what wasn’t his. Travis’s death gave him an opportunity to further Dawn’s path down the dark road of submission.

Michael, Dawn, Jade and Savannah flee to Mexico from the killers who are still at large—and looking to finish the job with Dawn. The Mexican and United States authorities are watching not only Dawn but also Savannah and Jade, unwilling to believe that the daughters, now adults, have no knowledge of these illegal activities. The two daughters are met separately by the police in customs as they enter Mexico and get an unwelcome reception by the Federal Police and Colima State Police, but Savannah and Jade each handle it in a different manner.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Savannah has many of her mother’s inclinations with men. She finds her surrender to the demands of the Federal Police in their customs examination of her opens up a new world. Will she stay in Mexico and continue on the road to Dangerous Submission?

Jade, while younger than her sister, has other plans. She wants to find the murderers of her father and she suspects she’ll find them in Mexico. She finds an unlikely ally to join her, but there is always a price to pay for it and her body is her only barter.

A tangled web is woven and only the smartest, not the strongest, will survive. The price of failure is death, but there are pleasures to be found if you know how to look for them. An action-adventure novel of murder, betrayal, bondage, sex and more murder that only Powerone can bring to life.

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About the Author

The #1 Best Selling Author, he captivates readers by bringing them into the minds of both male and female lead characters. With vivid description and rich detail, Powerone draws readers into a world often found only in fantasy and leaves them aching for more. His bestseller, Bound for His Pleasure, has recently been issued in paperback.

Powerone resides at the beach in San Diego where scantily clad women forever perk his imagination.

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