DANNY BOY by Bob Liter


He Had Every Woman -- Except the One He Loved!

Danny Boy rises from poverty to wealth, but there is one woman he cannot forget.

Danny becomes a successful Chicago stockbroker after overcoming humiliation, poverty and his mother's reputation. His intimate relationship with publicity-hungry model, Dorrie Davies, ends in disaster when she files rape and fraud charges against him. His reputation is ruined even though charges are dropped.

He returns to Duncan in Central Illinois, his hometown, to seek revenge for the humiliation the town heaped on him and his mother when he was young. He gets a job as yard man for Mrs. Elizabeth Ainsworth and her daughter, Allie. As a child, Dan delivered his mother's ironing to Mrs. Ainsworth and was humiliated by them, but the passion he felt for Allie has never gone away. Two of Allie's suitors attack him and discover he has learned to defend himself and that it is no longer safe to deride him by calling him "Danny Boy."

It's a lesson Allie is about to learn, too.

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