DAPHNE’S AMOROUS ADVENTURES [Erotica Victoriana II] by Richard Raoul Packwood


Solange Gets Her Revenge!

Pity Daphne Fairhope. The scandalous contents of her grandfather’s old sea trunk seem to have taken on a life of their own! That shocking deck of French postcards and their arcane poses, those dizzying  tomes of Victorian Erotica, uninhibited in their descriptions of vigorous and exotic methods of fornication, and even perversions like flagellation.

Now Daphne, and her new business associate, Percy Rubottom, are in the parlor practicing a stimulating new position when an armed stranger bursts in on the pair clearly bent on murder. In the struggle that follows, Daphne emerges triumphant. But Solange, her maid, plans a revenge on the hapless intruder. It is a punishment that will test every skill of domination and persuasion that she learned in the back streets of Paris and Marseille. Cato and Ambrosia find new ways to use their talents and summon up an old man from the sea to protect Fairhope from a hurricane of destruction. Alphonse gets a much needed makeover and discovers hidden talents for expressing passionate joy for what Madame Solange calls “Pleasure/Pain.”

This newly resurrected manuscript, recently discovered buried beneath the basement floor of an historic New Orleans brothel during its demolition, represents the latest work of Sir Richard Raoul Packwood to emerge from the oblivion to which he believed he had consigned them. Contrary to his will's instructions to destroy all documents, letters and photographs stored among his belongings, Packwood appears to have left a carpet bag with the brothel’s owner, who later had it buried for reasons unknown. Few more scandalous documents filled with such a variety of fascinating sexual practices have emerged in recent years. Set in the 1930s South, but written in the style of classic Victorian, here are more of Daphne, and friends', scandalous adventures.

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About the Author

Born in Surrey to an impoverished branch of nobility, Sir Richard Raoul Packwood, KCG, OBE (1854-1939) was nevertheless educated at Harrow and went on to Cambridge University (Balsham's Peterhouse). There he excelled in history, languages, and demerits, having been almost turned out three times for riotous assembly and ribaldry, yet managed to convince the summoning committee each time that his actions were preparatory exercises in necessary diplomatic and military skills for maintaining Empire.
He was promoted each time and managed the unheard of feat of a triple degree in History, Economics, and Languages (1874). Packwood passed off the singular honor as only a lark, even though there was loose talk at the time that several of the examiners were coerced into their recommendations by inside knowledge of alleged vice that Packwood had collected and was prepared to publish if necessary...

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