DAPHNE’S SCANDALOUS CONFESSIONS [Erotica Victoriana I] by Richard Raoul Packwood


Innocent, gently-bred Daphne Fairhope should never have looked into the forbidden journal of Victorian Erotica she found in her grandfather's trunk. Especially not while her saucy new French maid, Solange, was massaging Daphne's nipples with lotion.

It was a hot day in the Old South during the early 1930s. To while away the time, Daphne dipped into the leather covered old volume. Soon a new world, one she had never dreamed existed, had been revealed to the young belle - and what she read about, she had to try. Thus began Daphne's odyssey of the senses, as she explored all the delights of sex as described by the highly-refined minds of the great Victorian eroticists.

Nor is Daphne the only one affected. Her readings and their aftermath set off a chain reaction of sensuality throughout her household - for example, what happens to Alphonse in the balcony of the local bijoux when he sniffs laughing gas with an amorous young man of his acquaintance during the climactic scene of C. B. DeMille's epic production of Sign of the Cross.

Yet, as Daphne samples the delights of the local men and women, she finds herself being perversely drawn toward the captivity of bondage and the pain of the whip. And then there is Solange and Cousin… But read the book for yourself. Based on the purported text of the surviving copy of the book's sole edition, 200 copies printed privately in 1935 by the author - who later burned the other 199 copies - Daphne's Scandalous Confessions is an homage to Victorian erotica that discovers unique parallels between its own society and the upper class gentility of the South in the early 1930s.

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About the Author

Born in Surrey to an impoverished branch of nobility, Sir Richard Raoul Packwood, KCG, OBE (1854-1939) was nevertheless educated at Harrow and went on to Cambridge University (Balsham's Peterhouse). There he excelled in history, languages, and demerits, having been almost turned out three times for riotous assembly and ribaldry, yet managed to convince the summoning committee each time that his actions were preparatory exercises in necessary diplomatic and military skills for maintaining Empire.
He was promoted each time and managed the unheard of feat of a triple degree in History, Economics, and Languages (1874). Packwood passed off the singular honor as only a lark, even though there was loose talk at the time that several of the examiners were coerced into their recommendations by inside knowledge of alleged vice that Packwood had collected and was prepared to publish if necessary...

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