DESTINY’S TRIANGLE [Soul Desire #2] by Sally Swanson


Romance, Reincarnation, and Adventure on a Colony World!

In the spellbinding second volume of Sally Swanson's Soul Desire Trilogy, Xinia, powerful and confident commander of the Starship Naiad, rests frozen in stasis during the long voyage ferrying colonists to distant Sirius Seven. Conflict has already taken form around her even before leaving Earth: she is deeply attracted to both of her lovers, John Larson and Henri Fricol -- and each is madly in love with Xinia and is determined to win her from the other. Meanwhile, unexpected disaster and difficult decisions lie ahead.

Does the key to Xinia's future rest in her past? For, as she lies in stasis, she dreams of three very different lives far in the past, each of which have strange parallels to her present situation. In all three she loved, and was loved, by a pair of strong, determined men, each pair strangely resembling John and Henri. The decisions she made in those lives sometimes turned out well, sometimes terribly.

If she learned any useful lessons in those lives, she will need them soon. For the Claxons are about to awaken her and the rest of the ship's crew to face a disaster of unimaginable proportions that could leave them drifting helplessly among the stars forever or send them crashing out of control into the nearest world.

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About the Author

Sally Swanson says, "When I was twelve, I started to write my life story and realized I needed to live life before launching a writing career. To that end, I've lived in or visited 46 of the 50 states and learned to speak Spanish while living in Mexico City, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. If you haven't yet guessed, I love to travel, and while in exotic destinations, I discover strange-yet-true stories, which provide fuel for my latest paranormal romance series, Ghost Lovers. If you like ghosts and steamy sensuality, you will love Ghost Dreams and Ghost Emerald now available in multiple e-book formats."

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