DIRTY BLOND & Other Erotic Stories by Victoria Manley


"Hot stuff!" is how the Erotica Readers and Writer's Association describes the erotic stories of Victoria Manley.

"Sensual romantic shorts, which combine quintessential eroticism to enhance the hedonistic properties one feels in the throes of love..." raves BitBooks.

In her first new collection in over three years, erotic storyteller Victoria Manley once again takes readers on a sizzling, sensual journey through her uniquely twisted and uniquely gifted mind. Find out what happens to two horny people when they go on a "Blind Date." How can anyone resist a man who says, "Sam At Your Service?" Learn how a business relationship became steamy and ended with one person gasping, "It's a Pleasure Doing Business with You!" will sex ignite into a lasting flame or will it just fizzle out, when "Past Lovers" reunite?Plus the title story and many others.

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