DOMINATING BLONDIE [Company Girls, Book 1] by Reese Gabriel


Blondie had craved submission as long as she could remember: until The Company came into her life she’d sought it as best she could on her own, over the desks of exploiting bosses, in the back seats of stranger’s cars, a pinch and a slap here, a bit of bondage there.  That was before James came into her life, handsome and dangerous, brutally uncompromising.

As an agent for the ultra-secret slave empire known only as The Company it is his job to break her, seducing her into a life of degradation and humiliation.  By the time he is done with her she will perform with utter obedience, like the trained little pet she has become.   From the kennels to the auction block, she will know her place, to serve and please an elite group of males who will accept nothing less than abject servility.  Broken hearted, Blondie must face the final test of her transformation, surrendering the love of the one man who has ever reached out to her, James.

Will he let go or has a different plan in mind, one that will make her his in the end?

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
Author Page Reese Gabriel's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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