Marlene lived a boring life working for an insurance company in a small cubicle by day, while she triple-locked herself behind her apartment door, safely away from urban terrors, at night. She was cut off from everyone; even the neighbors in her apartment complex were strangers.

Then she met one of those neighbors - Blaine Brooks, author of Sex Slaves of Ancient Rome. That wasn't his only book, and all were on the subject of sex -- and often with a perversely kinky twist. But Marlene soon found herself drawn to Blaine. He awakened her senses and lust as no one ever had.

Intoxicated by passion, Marlene finds herself quickly becoming his plaything, subjected to bondage, taught to obey and enjoy the lash. Then Blaine introduces Marlene to her other neighbors, and her sexual education and awakening truly begins -- for each of them will make a unique contribution to her life, and help change it for the better.

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About the Author

C.K. Ralston has written and published over thirty erotic novels, both paperbacks and ebooks. Currently a semi-retired consultant living in Northern California, Ralston enjoys traveling, cooking for friends and family, the occasional glass of a fine Cabernet, reading good fiction, and writing some of the spiciest, most provocative erotic stories being created today.

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