Lt. Cynthia Evans (USN), who is unmarried, and Officer Tamara Barr (Hidden Valley PD), married, are friends at the most intimate level: Tamara the dominant one in her marriage, which allows Cynthia to freely use her husband Ted as a sex slave to satisfy her sexual and sadistic side. Together, they are formidable pair of mistresses who get what they want.

When Cynthia decides that she wants a domestic slave like Ted, the search for Mister Right begins: with her list of “must haves”, Cynthia systematically eliminates those candidates for slavery who do not measure up to her expectations. When she meets Jason, a commercial artist, she senses that he is her Mr. Right. But Cynthia needs to test him and test him well to make sure he's trainable and able to be molded into the slave she wants - so with Tamara’s help, she tests and challenges him physically and mentally to make sure that he is, in fact, Mr. Right.

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