A Highly Kinky Love Story!

Helen Henley was told that women just don't write about sex -- much less the taboos she was so interested in exploring. So Henley did it alone, flying in the face of tradition, by producing Enter With Trumpets, a touching tale of arousal and devotion in one couple's kinky relationship.

"I was told that women were incapable of writing frankly about sex," Henley has said about this book. "I was told there was no realistic literature in existence on sexual deviation; certainly there was nothing for the fetishist that could make any serious claim to honesty." Helen Henley, with her own personal story of sexual discovery and adventure, makes that claim. Using her own unique literary style as a key, she opens a door onto an extraordinary world of sexual pleasure never previously examined in literature.

Along with those who enjoy a mysterious sexual pleasure in dressing up in rubber and latex and leather, bondage aficionados, sadists, masochists and people of every sexual orientation and gender identity inhabit this compelling world, and among them strides Helen Henley in her high boots, dispensing her sexual favors with colorful imagery and humor.

Previously published by Masquerade, nothing in erotic literature has yet to match this personal history. It explores female sexuality and the woman's role with sincerity and frankness; it explores the twilight world of the sexual deviant with candid truth.

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