ETERNAL ATTRACTION [Soul Desire #3] by Sally Swanson


One Woman Against Bioengineered Soldiers - But the Man She Loved Was a Bigger Danger!

In the concluding volume of the Soul Desire trilogy, the colony starship Naiad's hull has been severely damaged in sight of its goal, the Earth-type world Sirius Seven. Xinia, the ship's commander, awakened from stasis with the rest of her crew, struggles to minimize the damage as the ship, caught in the gravitational fields of the planet and its largest moon, yo-yos back and forth out of control, just as Xinia does between the two powerful, magnetic men who love her.

Still disoriented from memories of past lives that crowded in on her during the long months in stasis, Xinia senses that buried in those memories are the answers to resolving the crisis that beset her in the present. But her real problems don't start until the Naiad's emergency systems fail. That's when the ship gives up its last secret, and compartment doors open, releasing Deacons, genetically engineered soldiers who are the ultimate survivalists, and Xinia recognizes their leader is a former lover from a past life.

Soon the colonists and Deacons have reached the planet's surface, but one of the colony shuttles is destroyed, and it becomes clear to Xinia that the Deacons, and not the planet's native life, are responsible. Pressed by the men she loved on Earth, attracted to a man she knows is a nonhuman killer, Xinia is determined to save her crew and colonists from the Deacons, regardless of the price she must pay. And that price looks as if it will be high -- for someone is piloting the Naiad straight the toward Xinia's hideout!

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Sally Swanson says, "When I was twelve, I started to write my life story and realized I needed to live life before launching a writing career. To that end, I've lived in or visited 46 of the 50 states and learned to speak Spanish while living in Mexico City, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. If you haven't yet guessed, I love to travel, and while in exotic destinations, I discover strange-yet-true stories, which provide fuel for my latest paranormal romance series, Ghost Lovers. If you like ghosts and steamy sensuality, you will love Ghost Dreams and Ghost Emerald now available in multiple e-book formats."

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