ETTORE’S WOMEN by Terri Pray


"Scorching hot!" says Literary Nymphs.

Ettore's Women is the classic of three women forced into sexual slavery . The zine Literary Nymphs raves, "Ms. Pray captured the atmosphere well, and I found myself imagining the setting as I read. This book is not for the fainthearted, it contains scenes of spanking, slavery, and forced seduction. It is scorching hot. Ettore is the owner of a whorehouse who buys slaves and forces them into a life of sex – and yet, Ms Pray makes him likeable. That alone shows her incredible writing talent. He is not portrayed as evil, but rather as a man giving women an alternative lifestyle – even though some do not make that choice willingly. Something about him made me want to crawl into the book and sign up for a bed. Terry Pray is a fantastic writer and I would recommend Ettore's Women to all lovers of Erotica. I can't wait for her next book."

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About the Author

Terri Pray is originally from England but has resided in the USA since 1999 where she now happily lives, loves, works and plays. Terri is happily married to her lover and muse with whom she shares her enthusiasm and practice of the B&D "lifestyle". Her personal experience and understanding of the 'scene' enhances and amplifies her reader's enjoyment of the sexual adventures she devises by infusing her writing with an authenticity rarely found in the genre.
Her work ranges from erotica to horror, fantasy to romance, science fiction to the occasional rant or combinations of several genres.
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In ancient Greece, women were subject to being captured or sold into slavery. Ettore’s Women tells the story of how three very different women come to the house of Aphrodite owned by Ettore.

Part I is the story of Alessia. Her debt-ridden father sold her to Ettore. She is a virgin whose first experience will be that evening. Luckily, she catches the eye of Casimiro. He is gentle, and tenderly teaches her that sex is not to be feared. It can be wonderful.

Part II is the story of Daria. Daria came to Ettore by choice to escape an arranged marriage. She quickly falls in love with her master and longs for those times when she can be with him.

In Part III, Argeia is captured as spoils of war. As all Spartan women, she was taught not only to read and write, but also to fight. She has not been captured easily. Ettore understands that Argeia will not surrender without a fight and chooses to train her himself.

Ettore’s Women is a beautifully written story of women in the ancient world. Each of the heroines sees Ettore in a different way, based upon their circumstances.

Terri Pray weaves a dark, yet tender story. All three of the vignettes are left open-ended. It takes a skillful writer to achieve a wholly satisfying story with such an uncertain ending. There is definitely room for a sequel here.

I highly recommend Ms. Pray's dark, erotic tale of Ettore’s Women.

—Shelley, Fallen Angel Reviews

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