EVA: The Story of a Young Woman’s Subjugation to Men by Cyn Castle


Made a Criminal, She Found Happiness.

Eva Barlow is one of Cyn Castle's finest creations. The great erotic novelist, Castle chronicles the sexual misadventures of a young runaway who finds herself degraded and used by the men she meets. When she reaches her trial, Eva never suspects that the next turn of events could lead to freedom and marriage.

From the book: "As Eva lifted her torso he pulled away so that he still hadn't fully penetrated. She lifted higher and he plunged down and forward, pushing her head closer to the end of the mattress. She lifted her arms over her head and grasped the headboard. She lifted her torso, trying to raise him off the bed. He hit the spot, that wonderful spot, and caressed it until she was crazy with delight and desire."

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