EVEN NOW by Christina Rhys


"Heat Level: Simmering; Four Stars!" raves Just Erotic Romance Reviews about the work of Christina Rhys.


On a cold, rainy January night, four lives would be changed forever.

Driving home from work, one young man would fall asleep at the steering wheel, careening into the car driven by another young man and killing him. But as is so often the case in life, this accident was just the beginning of a long, winding road for the three people left behind. Ian Murphy, the driver who caused the accident, is put on trial for manslaughter. His father, Aiden Murphy, from whom Ian has been estranged for over ten years, feels compelled to attend the trial and support his son in whatever way he can. What Aiden doesn't count on is the instant attraction that he feels for Canna Eastland, whose world was turned upside down when Ian Murphy’s car slammed into her son’s. Aiden sees no way that the mother of the young man could ever return his feelings. How could she love the father of the man who killed her son?

When Ian’s trial starts, Canna is determined to try to find something that will give her peace for the remainder of her life. What she finds is a magical stranger who manages to make her feel happy and very, very sexy -- things that she hasn't felt since her son died. But what will she feel when she discovers that this wonderful man is actually the father of Ian Murphy? Will Canna be able to forgive Ian and let Aiden Murphy into her heart and her bed permanently? Three people bound together by one senseless accident all praying that, even now, they can walk away from this tragedy with love, peace, and happiness.

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About the Author

Christina Rhys currently resides in Kentucky. All of her work involves characters who are past the age of forty-five.

"I hope that you will enjoy not only the erotic portions of my work," says Christina, "but more importantly that you will also share the joy of mature men and women discovering that love and passion are available to all regardless of age."

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