EXPOSURE by Surata Padme


Lovers' Sex Secrets Exposed!

Every relationship has its secrets.  For some, these are just the trivial things we keep to ourselves; for others, the secrets conceal private lives. Nicole balances on the edge of her secrets; her marriage to a loving husband fulfills her in almost every way - and yet she has been keeping secrets from him. Nathan lives a blissful life: he has a wife he adores, and his greatest challenge is keeping up with her adventurous sexual appetite. Everything is perfect; or it would be if he didn’t have the nagging feeling she was holding something back.

Nicole and Nathan are on the verge of transforming their relationship. Barriers are being broken, and horizons expanded, as they explore their passions.  In the end, the secret could recreate them - or push Nathan away in betrayal.  Either way, the floodgates have been opened on their passions and they are not likely to be shut again.

From their steamy encounters in raw nature to their trysts in high society, Nicole and Nathan take every advantage to explore their primal drive for each other. This hot romance will leave readers enthralled.

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Categories Intoxication , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Intoxication - Contemporary Romance
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