EYEBALL MAN [Horror Manor I] by PM White


They Were Masters of Dark Arts -- But They Couldn't Master Their Lusts or Themselves!

Every family has a skeleton or two in their closet -- some literally. But not everyone has a sinister brother whose body is covered in eyeballs, a Gothic sister who lives for orgasmic kinks, a sibling with see-through skin, and others who dwell in fear of their very lives.

Enter Berge Manor, a place of death and lust, where the meaning of "family values" is twisted beyond belief. In the first volume of this compelling and erotic dark fantasy, lounge singer Rhombus Berge wants his family to be like everyone else. But Janis Berge has no interest in normality. Sex and poetry rule her world. Big Jim believes in little more than cold beer and old cars, while hiding his lust for men from the rest of the family. But they'll all need to work together if they want to purge the evil that dwells in Berge Manor. Eyeball man, their plotting, fiendish brother, must go -- even if it has to be in a body bag.

Sex, murder, weirdness and more at Horror Manor.

Cover: Sami Hursey

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