FANGS AND FORTUNE: Memoirs of the Sexy Vampire Adventuress by Irena Candy


She was a Vamp on Screen — and Off!

It's the Roaring Twenties, and screen star Alita Argent shows off her legs, twirls her pearls, and vamps her way through men, money, illegal hooch, and chocolates with blood centers.

In the world of silent films, vamp is short for vampire, and screen vamps suck the heart, soul, and fortune right out of the men who love them. Alita Argent doesn't stop there. She takes men's blood along with everything else. She's beautiful, cold-hearted, and immoral — and she's been a vampire for over a hundred years. Being a vampire hasn't ruined her sex life though, and if a guy has the right equipment, Alita is definitely interested. She lives in a mansion on Sunset Boulevard and enjoys the good life, along with a few tasty conventioneers, merchants, and theater-lovers.

Along the way she finds herself drawn directly to the center of some of the era's greatest tragedies. When she sets out for a weekend trip on publishing giant Hearst's yacht, an accident cuts the fun short. Alita hardly has time to get home before her director friend, Billy Taylor, is shot dead after a fling he shouldn't have flung. Next her friend and superstar Fatty Arbuckle finds his career imploding after a young woman dies during one of his parties. Then a starlet named Vera Tegner vanishes after a visit to Alita's house.

If that isn't bad enough, the police are sniffing around, and are a little too interested in Alita's personal habits. Unless she can find out what happened to Vera, her erotic and bloody romp among the Hollywood stars may come to an end. Scandal, murder and mayhem; what's a vampire to do!

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About the Author

Irena Candy was born in Los Angeles and studied Theater Arts at Los Angeles City College before finishing her college career as a Fine Arts Major at UCLA. She was a member of the well-known Hollywood free environment club, Sandstone Ranch, where the nude members were warned not to fornicate on the lawn because it upset the local news helicopters.

A dominatrix by inclination, with a collection of handcuffs, leather shackles, and old-fashioned riding crops, she lives in Northern California where she enjoys the companionship of friends with similar inclinations.

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