FLIGHT OF PASSION [Soul Desire #1] by Sally Swanson


An Erotic Science Fantasy Romance Begins!

Starship commander Xinia Lee faces the greatest challenge any woman has ever faced. She is only one woman, but she must choose between two lovers -- and live three lifetimes to solve the problems that face her and her crew!

As one woman, Xinia challenges destiny. Powerful and confident, she is the commander of the Naiad colonization mission, responsible for the safety of the 200,000 souls aboard, who have been frozen in stasis for the 300-year flight. Xinia's leadership skills are deeply honed, but she is unaware of their true origins until she experiences her past lifetimes while frozen in stasis -- and learns secrets hidden from her all her life.

Meanwhile, Xinia's two lovers clash to keep her. John Larson and Henri Fricol are strong and commanding men, both in love with Xinia and both determined to have her. As they lie in stasis, their own memories carry them through scenes of vivid romance and exotic locations in lives where they loved and fought for Xinia. She knows that one of them is Rovu, her soulmate with whom she bonded during her first human existence. But which? Xinia will need three lifetimes to understand whether it's John or Henri she truly loves.

But when the colonyship crash-lands on an alien world, Xinia will discover her decision may spell life or death for all involved.

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About the Author

Sally Swanson says, "When I was twelve, I started to write my life story and realized I needed to live life before launching a writing career. To that end, I've lived in or visited 46 of the 50 states and learned to speak Spanish while living in Mexico City, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. If you haven't yet guessed, I love to travel, and while in exotic destinations, I discover strange-yet-true stories, which provide fuel for my latest paranormal romance series, Ghost Lovers. If you like ghosts and steamy sensuality, you will love Ghost Dreams and Ghost Emerald now available in multiple e-book formats."

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